The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman

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Music Composed and Produced By Marc Shaiman. Conducted By Eddie Karem and Artie Kane. Orchestrated by Jeff Atmajian and Patrick Russ. Recorded and Mixed by Dennis Sands. Sony 67914 - 1997

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01. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (4:40)
Performed by Dionne Farris
02. Prologue (6:14)
03. Myrlie Plants The Seed (1:32)
04. Bobby Gets Hooked (3:15)
05. On The Delta (0:57)
06. Friday Phone Call (2:08)
07. I Will Live My Life For You (2:28)
Performed by Tony Bennett
08. The Smoking Gun (1:29)
09. Klandestine Meeting (3:37)
10. Mannish Boy (2:57)
Performed by Muddy Waters
11. Walking Blues (2:31)
Performed by Robert Johnson
12. The Thrill Is Gone (4:37)
Performed by B.B. King
13. Busted (5:42)
14. Building The Case (1:32)
15. Bomb Scare (1:17)
16. Finding Strength (2:02)
17. Witnesses For The Prosecution (3:43)
18. DeLay Speaks (2:10)
19. Waiting For The Verdict (1:42)
20. Myrlie Victorious (2:40)
21. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (4:15)
Performed by Nina Simone

Total Running Time: 61:28

"When Rob Reiner calls to ask you to work on a movie, you can be guaranteed lots of laughs, loads of lunch and the chance to work on a film with humor, a point of view, and a lot of heart. Rob and the folks at castle Rock are an oasis in the Sahara of Show Biz, and I am truly grateful...Which reminds me...The people listed in the credits for this album are much more than top drawer professionals, they are my best friends, a family I cherish and am forever in debit to (cue the violins)...I hope we can keep working together for a long, long time...Oh, now where are the Entenmann's Chocolate Chips?" - Marc Shaiman

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