The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman

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Music Composed and Produced By Marc Shaiman, Conducted and Orchestrated By Dennis Dreith,
Additional Orchestrations by Hummie Mann,
Music Scoring Mixer: Armin Steiner. Bay Cities BCD 3011 - 1990

01. Number One Fan (6:59)
02. She Can't Be Dead (6:16)
03. Open House (4:16)
04. Go To Your Room (2:27)
05. Buster's Last Stand (4:14)
06. Misery's Return (6:03)

Total Running Time: 29:55

"For the music of Misery, Rob Reiner has made a fascinating, instinctive choice. Misery finds Marc tackling a full scale dramatic underscore for the first time, and he has risen to the occasion with a score that is at once recognizable as an impressive achievement, a carefully constructed work that ensnares the many elements and levels present in the file. Sometimes it's cold and spare like the terrain, other times it's warm, almost playful. Like the movie it succeeds at being blackly comic and darkly serious. The music is heartfelt and internal, gradually revealing the innermost workings of the characters, house and surroundings. For Marc Shaiman it is a daring debut; and for the listener it's a calling card that announces an exciting film composer". - Nick Redman

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