The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman

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Music Composed and Arranged By Marc Shaiman, Conducted By Artie Kane, Orchestrated By Jeff Atmajian, Brad Dechter, and Mark McKenzie, Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Murphy. Produced by Marc Shaiman and Nick Vidar. Epic Soundtrax EK 66151 - 1994

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01. Main Title (2:59)
02. A Very Successful Life (1:23)
[Includes "If I Were A Rich Man" from
Fiddler On The Roof]

03. The Secret Spot (2:43)
04. North Goes To Court (3:10)
05. Let's Get Crackin' (0:40)
06. Texas (0:48)
[Includes "Theme From Dallas"]
07. Bonanza (1:03)
[Includes "Theme From Bonanza"]
08. North Looks West (2:17)
09. Hawaii (3:21)
[Includes "Hawaiin War Chant", "Tiny Bubbles", "My
Little Grass Shack", "Blue Hawaii" and "Aloha Oe"]

10. North Heads North (1:02)
11. Alaska (2:00)
[Includes "Winter Wonderland"]
12. Winchell's Master Plan (1:07)
13. The World Traveller (1:35)
[Includes "Amazing Grace" and "Can-Can"]
14. Bedford (1:53)
[Includes "Theme From Father Knows Best"]
15. Homesick (1:13)
16. Winchell, Lies and Videotape (1:52)
17. New York City (5:29)
[Includes "Sabre Los Olas"]
18. North Figures It Out (2:28)
19. Race To The Finish (2:17)
20. Reunion (3:41)

Total Running Time: 43:16

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