The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman

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Music Composed by Marc Shaiman, Lyrics by Trey Parker, Additional Lyrics by Marc Shaiman, Orchestrations by Jeff Atmajian, Pete Anthony, Frank Bennett, Larry Blank, Harvey Cohen, Partick Russ, Conducted by Pete Anthony, Recorded and Mixed by Dennis Sands. WEA/Atlantic CD 83199 - 1999

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01. Mountain Town (4:27)
02. Uncle F**ka (1:06)
03. Blame Canada (1:54)
05. Kyle's Mom's A B**ch (1:35)
06. What Would Brian Boitano Do? (1:15)
07. Up There (2:23)
08. La Resistance (Medley) (1:52)
09. Eye's Of A Child (3:39)
10. I Can Change (2:05)
11. I'm Super (1:26)
12. Mountain Town (Reprise) (1:02)
13. Good Love - Isaac Hayes (3:31)
14. Shut Yo Face (Uncle F**ka) (3:59)
Performed by Trick Daddy
15. Riches To Rags (Mmmkay) (4:31)
Performed by Nappy Roots
16. Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat B**ch (3:54)
Performed by Joe C.
17. What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II (2:14)
Performed by D.V.D.A
18. I Swear It (I Can Change) (2:44)
Performed by Violent Femmes
19. Super - Performed By RuPaul (4:03)
20. O Canada - Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson (1:10)

Total running time: 50:24

Clips from Marc Shaiman's score are in the Audio section.

"My job covered both the score and additional music & lyrics for the songs...and the score makes use of themes/melodies/chord progressions from the, as hard as it is to sum up for the credits of the film, I was an active collaborator with Trey Parker on all aspects of the musical (and lyrical) landscape of the movie....

Firstly, we were writing and re-writing and recording scratch tracks and re-recording scratch tracks for months and months...the actual recordings with orchestra were spaced out over about 6 weeks I think. Songs first (for the CD delivery) and then the score...they were CONSTANTLY making picture changes...right before sessions, during sessions and most frustratingly, AFTER sessions...the good news was that every change they made was always for the better of the film...

[Matt Stone and Trey Parker ] were both great fun to work with albiet usually exhausted from the schedule...It was great fun to join [Trey's] twisted mind and I was quite proud to once write a lyric even he thought was too grotesque! As far as the score, he was locked away in the editing room, so he heard almost the entire score for the first time at the final was quite an experience, working with the orchestra at all those scoring sessions without ANY member of the team director, no producer, nothing! IT WAS WONDERFUL!" - Marc Shaiman (as told to Scorelogue)

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