The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman
The Musical Mind of Marc Shaiman

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Music Composed by Marc Shaiman, Conducted by Artie Kane, Orchestrations by Jeff Atmajian, Additional Orchestrations by Frank Bennett, Larry Blank, and Jimmy Vivino, Recorded and Mixed by Dennis Sands.
Milan 7313835709-2 - 1995

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01. Daily Affirmation Theme (0:48)
Written and Performed by Cheryl Hardwick
02. Stuart Makes "An Amends" To Roz (1:54)
03. Stuart Starts His Journal (1:21)
04. Dad Was Our Hero (1:48)
05. Aunt Paula's Two Funerals (1:52)
06. Everything's Coming Up Roses (3:13)
Written by Stephen Sondheim and Jule Styne
Performed by Ethel Merman and The LSO

07. Julia's Family (2:32)
08. Stuart "Borrows" The Videotape (1:27)
09. Stuart Uses The "V" Word (1:22)
10. Stuart Takes The Stand (1:28)
11. Dad Shoots Donnie (0:53)
12. Stuart And Donnie Talk (1:41)
13. The Hollywood Incident (2:42)
14. Stuart's Dream (1:05)
15. Bus Station Goodbyes (2:45)
16. Silver Bells (3:09)
Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Arranged by Jimmy Vivino and Marc Shaiman
Performed by Rachel Sweet

17. Donnie Shows Up (0:32)
18. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (2:07)
Written by Dorothy Fields and Jimy McHugh
Arranged by Marc Shaiman, Performed by Jack Sheldon

19. What Makes A Family (1:33)
Arranged by Jeff Atmajian, Performed by Warren Weibe
20. One Final Word (0:05)
Dialogue by Phil Hartman

Total Running Time: 34:17

"Someone once said, "music soothes the savage beast". Truer words have never been spoken, except maybe "denial ain't just a river in Egypt". But that's another story. Sometimes when I'm in a shame spiral, the only way I can snap out of it is by listening to music. And the newest CD on my shame-spiral-enders shelf is this soundtrack album from my movie. Marc Shaiman's music makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me feel! Which is what my movie does. Not to be grandiose. Congratulations, Marc. And thank you!" - Stuart Smalley

"Marc Shaiman is not only one of the most talented young film composers to come up in recent years, he's also one of the funniest; a genuinely delightful and entertaining person.

Marc Shaiman's music is characterized by an unashamed overabundance of melody along with a gift for adaption and drama which perfectly allows him to shape his music to every test-screened cut of a film". - Lukas Kendall

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